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5 reasons to join

These days, it seems that everywhere you look, there’s another 100% commission broker. With thechance to keep more of the money you make, it’s not a bad decision. But here’s the trick- the true 100% commission real estate plan is tough to find and most brokers have hidden fees for technology,broker support, E&O insurance and even office fees. At Realty Source, there are absolutely NO hidden fees of any kind and the commission is the highest offered in California.

No.1:Keep More of Your Money With 100% Commission- No Hidden Fees

Realty Source is proud to be California’s most trusted 100% commission broker, offering a true 100% commission. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach or Riverside/San Bernardino, 100% commission

means no hidden fees, no fine print and no hassle. Don’t be fooled by others who charge you more for office resources, broker support, E&O insurance or technology. With Realty Source by your side, you get a trusted and reliable 100% commission broker and nothing less.

No.2:Unparalleled Broker Support

Need a question answered or need help with a form? With broker support from 7am -9pm including weekends, you’re never alone. And that means when you need answers you can get them. An important part of success, at Realty Source, we understand that business doesn’t stop at 5 pm and we’re here to help. The broker has over 10 years of successful real estate experience. He was even featured by the National Assn. of Realtors in REALTOR Magazine.

No.3:Money Back Guarantee

That’s right, we’re so sure you’ll love the way Realty Source can work for you, we’re prepared to offer a money back guarantee. That’s security that if you give us a shot and decide it’s just not for you, we’ll give you your money back-every cent. The freedom to try the best and the flexibility to leave if you’re not satisfied- that’s security you can rely on.

No.4:Real Experience and a Proven Record of Success

California real estate can be extremely lucrative and as a result, brokers with very limited experience are popping up

virtually everywhere. With Realty Source by your side, you get the benefit of knowing you have tried and true experienced professionals in your corner. With over a decade in business, Realty Source has earned a reputation as one of California’s true veterans, helping independent, motivated agents excel.

No.5:Access to State-of-the-Art Technology and Resources

How important is technology? In real estate, it’s everything. And whether you need online transaction management or a personalized, professional web site, we’ve got you covered. Realty Source wants you to do well and we make every effort to ensure our agents have all the right tools for success. That’s E&O insurance (broker paid), free legal hotline, office space, even marketing materials for starters. Realty Source has what you need and more to get you where you need to be.

At Realty Source, we know you have choices when it comes to finding a brokerage agency and that’s why we go out of our way to make certain our agents have access to the best resources, support and experience in the industry. After all, when our agents do well, we all do well and it’s that positive attitude and collective energy that makes Realty Source less like a job and more like a family.